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The moment you all have been waiting for is here. The Film is ready for purchase! We worked really hard to make a DVD featuring our gracious film, a special introduction by myself titled My Inspiration and an entertaining look at Making the Summer of Gods in three parts: Uniting the Forces, Capturing the Vision, and The Magic of Post. All these materials can also be found in digital download format. We created a page on the digital platform VHX with versions of the film for Portuguese, English, French and Spanish speakers. Now it is your turn to enjoy one of the first films celebrating our precious African Gods / Orishas. 


Chegou o momento que todos você esperavam. O filme está pronto para compra. E temos um pacote de extras com clipes bem interessantes. Como estamos enviando o filme dos Estados Unidos, a melhor forma de adquirir o filme no Brasil é fazendo o download digital. Nós estamos usando a plataforma chamada VHX onde você pode assistir o filme instantaneamente em alta resolução bem como baixar todo pacote para assistir no momento que preferir. 


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Host a Screening

Thanks for expressing an interest in hosting a screening of The Summer of Gods. So that audiences could feel the beauty of our traditions, I was careful to infuse it with warmth, spirituality and vulnerability. Seeing so many audience members moved to tears and hugging one another after the film is my greatest reward. It tells me that–just like me–they’re getting the same sense of renewal after watching Lily’s magical transformation.
— Eliciana Nascimento, writer and director

OPTION 1: Non-profit and Educational Use:

If you represent a non-profit or academic institution and plan on screening the film without charging admission, download the educational license agreement. Email or mail your signed agreement together with either a check for the licensing fee or receipt of your online payment. We will send you your choice of a DVD or Blu-ray disc once they're made available (Starting October 1, 2014).

OPTION 2: Host a screening through Theater on Demand platforms:

On platforms like Gathr and Tugg you can connect automatically with locally available movie theaters (with pro projection and sound), amass your audience, and sell tickets all in one place. We're looking into partnering with these platforms and will post an update here once we have it in place.

OPTION 3: Host an Independent Screening:

We encourage folks to charge admission to screenings. Attendees tend to place more value on paid events and you'll get to retain the profit for yourself or your organization. We charge a licensing fee of $321 for public screenings. All profits beyond that are yours to keep.  Download the commercial screening license, sign it, then email or mail it to us with a check or proof of online payment. We will send you your choice of a DVD or Blu-ray disc once they're made available (Starting October 1, 2014)  

Tips on organizing your screening:

  • Partner with local cultural groups that honor African heritage. Having a cultural group perform as part of your screening event can help round out your event and boosts your outreach to a built-in audience. Look for Brazilian, Cuban or Haitian cultural groups especially Orisha dance groups, capoeira groups, and religious musical ensembles. 
  • Host writer and director Eliciana Nascimento for post-screening Q&A. If you can afford to bring Eliciana to your screening, she's willing to travel and support as many initiatives as she can. She brings behind-the-scenes videos to share with your audience and will not only talk about the process of making the film, but will also help the audience understand and appreciate Orisha worship traditions. She grew up among Afro-Brazilian traditions in Bahia, Brazil and was later initiated as Santeria priestess in Cuba. To learn more about her, visit the about the director page
  • Get the word out. We will provide you with a press-kit and digital design materials to help you promote your screening. Put a flyer and press release together and send them to local newspapers, blogs, TV stations and radio stations. And of course use Facebook and Twitter to get the buzz going. 
  • Sell as many tickets in advance as possible. If you're not using Gathr or Tugg, we recommend using Brown Paper Tickets or Evenbright as online ticket sales platforms. By urging folks to buy their tickets in advance, you can better guarantee your profit and folks will have more incentive to turn up on the day of the show. 

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