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The moment you all have been waiting for is here. The Film is ready for purchase! We worked really hard to make a DVD featuring our gracious film, a special introduction by myself titled My Inspiration and an entertaining look at Making the Summer of Gods in three parts: Uniting the Forces, Capturing the Vision, and The Magic of Post. All these materials can also be found in digital download format. We created a page on the digital platform VHX with versions of the film for Portuguese, English, French and Spanish speakers. Now it is your turn to enjoy one of the first films celebrating our precious African Gods / Orishas. 


Chegou o momento que todos você esperavam. O filme está pronto para compra. E temos um pacote de extras com clipes bem interessantes. Como estamos enviando o filme dos Estados Unidos, a melhor forma de adquirir o filme no Brasil é fazendo o download digital. Nós estamos usando a plataforma chamada VHX onde você pode assistir o filme instantaneamente em alta resolução bem como baixar todo pacote para assistir no momento que preferir. 


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Eliciana Nascimento is an award winner film director, writer and producer. She holds an MFA (Master of Fine Arts) in Cinema from San Francisco State
University. Before traveling to the US to attend grad school, she founded an independent production company in Brazil called Candace Cine Video and co-produced the documentary Rhythmic UprisingHer short film The Summer of Gods premiered at Cannes film Festival, and has won five awards so far, including three of best picture. With this film, she reveals the beauty, culture and mythology of her people. Her hope is that it will encourage the preservation of Orishas traditions by inspiring viewers to honor them and learn more.